Abuela Fernandez

Abuela Fernandez is the mother of Roberto Fernandez and lives with his family by the Church in the Old Town square.  The character of Abuela was played by María Vega.

Alex Morris

Alex headed an unnamed criminal organisation, one employee of which was Marcus Tandy.  Alex was played by Derek Martin.


Allan Hindle

Allan, together with his brother Gavin ran a beach bar near Los Barcos.  Allan was played by Jon-Paul Gates.



Antonio was the manager of "MT Stables", owned by Marcus Tandy.  Antonio was played by José Antonio Navarro.


Arnaud Leduc

Arnaud is the son of Isabelle and Phillipe Leduc.  He was played by Mikael Phillipe.

Blair Lockhead

Blair is the sometimes wayward son of Drew and Gwen Lockhead.  He was played by Josh Nathan.

Bunny Charlson

Bunny was the popular co-owner of "Georgios" restaurant who married Fizz.  Bunny was played by Roger Walker.


Dieter Schultz

Dieter had an on/off relationship with Trish and when not partying could be found giving windsurfing lessons.  He was played by Kai Maurer.

Drew Lockhead

The head of the Lockhead household, Drew often frustrated his family with his antics.  He was played by Campbell Morrison.

Fizz Charlson

Fizz was on the streets when Bunny took her in and married her.  She ultimately ran away and is believed to have drowned.  Fizz was played by Kathy Pitkin.


Freddie Martin

Freddie has his fair share of drama in Las Terrazas, not least when the daughter he never knew about turned up unexpectedly.  Freddie was played by Roland Curram.

Gavin Hindle

Gavin and his brother Allan ran the beach bar.  They both returned to England after Gavin was diagnosed with schizophrenia.  Gavin was played by Darren Newton.

Gerry Peters-Smith

Gerry is a rather bohemian character, not averse to sleeping on the beach when she's not bunking down at Freddie's.  Gerry was played by Buki Armstrong

Gwen Lockhead

Gwen is the rock of the Lockhead household.  She also teaches at the local school and produces the residents newsletter, "Eldorado".  Gwen was played by Patricia Brake.

Ingrid Olsson

Swedish born Ingrid worked as tour guide and was engaged to Javier Fernandez.  She was played by Bo Corre.

Isabelle Leduc

Isabelle is the aspiring author of Los Barcos who likes to write about those very close to her - the other residents in fact.  Isabelle was played by Framboise Gommendy


Javier Fernandez (Paco)

Javier was the son of Roberto and Rosario.  He was engaged to Ingrid but also had a secret life only one other resident knew about.  Javier was played by Iker Ortiz de Zárate.

Joy Slater 

The owner of "Joy's Bar", Joy's friendly nature and business sense always makes her a source of good advice.  Joy was played by Leslee Udwin.

Kitty Hindle

Kitty came to Los Barcos after the loss of her husband.  Her plans to move there permanently changed after Gavin's illness became apparent.  Kitty was played by Jeannie Crowther

Lene Svendsen

Lene runs the Swedish health clinic in the shopping centre.  Her marriage to Per almost suffered at the hands of both the Leducs.  Lene was played by Nanna Møller.

Marcus Tandy

The bad boy of Los Barcos, Marcus fled England to avoid the authorities but is never far away from trouble, where ever he is. Marcus was played by Jesse Birdsall.

Maria Fernandez

Maria is the daughter of Roberto and Rosario.  She's a good and faithful friend to Nessa.  Maria was played by María Sánchez.


Natalie Jackson

Natalie is Freddie's daughter and until she turned up on his doorstep, hadn't seen Freddie since she was a baby.  Natalie was played by Tessa Wojtczak.

Nessa Lockhead

Nessa is the daughter of Drew and Gwen.  Fiercely independant and principled, she'll take on anyone.  Nessa was played by Julie Fernandez.

Olive King

Unforgivingly British, Olive's inquisitive manner isn't always appreciated by her neighbours.  Olive was played by Faith Kent.

Per Svendsen

Married to Lene and father to Trine.  Per runs the chandlers shop down by the Marina.  Per was played by Kim Romer.

Philippe Leduc

Owner of the local tennis club, Philippe soon proves that it's not the only game he plays.  He was played by Daniel Lombart.

Pilar Moreno

Pilar escaped the trappings of her traditional life and soon embarked on a far from traditional relationship with Marcus.  Pilar was played by Sandra Sandri


With all the events going on in Los Barcos, the Police are never far away.  The Policeman was played by Alberto Junco.

'Razor' Sharp

The son of a local builder, Razor falls for Nessa and proves to be both sensitive and level-headed. Razon was played by Kevin Hay.

Roberto Fernandez

Roberto is the local Doctor who frequently despairs of the behaviour of some of the more colourful ex-pats. Roberto was played by Franco Rey.

Roger Noble

Roger is the local priest who is also a keen member of the local drama group. Roger was played by Keith Bookman.

Rosario Fernandez

Rosario is married to Roberto and runs the local supermarket. Rosario was played by Stella Maris.

Rosemary Webb

Rosemary fled her marriage in England to be with Stanley. Does she really know what she's getting though? Rosemary was played by Hilary Crane.

Sergio Munoz D'Avila

Sergio is a traditional Spanish man who finds Pilar on the run from Marcus. Sergio was played by Alexander Torriglia.

Snowy White

The happy go lucky handyman, Snowy is not the most reliable of workmen. Snowy was played by Patch Connolly.

Stanley Webb

Stanley is a retired nurse who moved to Spain with Rosemary. Is he all he seems though? Stanley was played by William Lucas.


Stephen Law

Stephen is Rosemary's son by a former marriage which he has never forgiven her for walking out on. Stephen was played by Stephen Law.

Susan "Wilkie" Wilkinson

Wilkie's life changed forever following the collapse of a major bank. She was played by Fiona Walker.

Terry Flynn

Trouble arrived in Los Barcos in the shape of Terry, Joy's former husband. Terry was played by Ben Murphy (II).


Trine Svendsen #1

Trine is the daughter of Per and Lene and friend of Nessa. Trine #1 was played by Marchell Betak.

Trine Svendsen #2

Following a visit home Trine returns with a rebellious streak, not helped by her parents behaviour. Trine #2 was played by Clare Wilkie.

Trish Valentine

A local nightclub singer and manager of the video shop, Trish is liked by all and is an especially good friend of Joy. Trish was played by Polly Perkins.