"Adios Eldorado" - VHS Video

BBCV 5075

"When you go away" - The theme song from Eldorado. Released on "The Hit label"

Track1: When you go away
Track2: Eldorado theme
Track3: Every step of the way*

* - not available on 7" single

CD single: cat HLC3

Cassette single: HLK3

7" single: cat HLS3

"Eldorado - The definitive guide to a year in the sun"

by Robert Sturman
ISBN 0-9539919-0-3
Published by The Guilded Man Publishing 2001


"When you go away" - The sheet music for the "Eldorado" theme

Words and Music by Simon May.  Recorded by Johnny Griggs on Hit Label Records
Published by Polygram Music Publishing Limited / Cinema Verity


Official "Eldorado" t-shirts

Produced by the BBC for the show's launch



Ok, not strictly merchandise, but if these were for sale - you'd buy them!
Here is a scan of a rehearsal script for the first part of Episode 139.

by Tony Jordan, Directed by Geoff Feld